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Celebrating World Water Day 2021

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Today, we celebrate the 28th annual "World Water Day". On this day, the world comes together to raise awareness about the international water crisis and we take the time to appreciate the many uses and the great gift of water. This year’s theme for World Water Day is “Valuing Water”.

At DCI, with the work we have been doing for 18 years, we have always understood just how valuable water can be, given the conditions in many of the underprivileged areas surrounding our centers worldwide. According to WaterAid, in Bangladesh alone, there are 4.9 million people who do not have clean water near their homes, and an additional 73 million people who are using contaminated water. With the pandemic putting the world in a state of crisis, the need for assistance and action has become crucial. In order to aid in the water crisis in DCI's project areas, we have built tube wells and are providing sanitation products through our COVID-19 support packages to the communities we are proud to serve.

As per the theme, we know at DCI that the value of water is about much more than just its price. It is an essential nutrient to help nourish the thousands of underprivileged children in our programs- flourish and thrive. Thank you to all of our supporters, sponsors, volunteers and well-wishers who have joined us in our mission to provide safe water and basic hygiene products to the children and families who need it the most. Happy World Water Day to you all! 
Ehsan Hoque, MBBS, Ph.D.
Founder and Honorary Executive Director, 
Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI)

Dr. Ehsan Hoque

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