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International Youth Day 2021

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On behalf of Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI), I’d like to wish you a happy International Youth Day 2021! International Youth Day began in 2000 as a United Nations initiative to celebrate the contributions of young people towards various global issues.

DCI and I are especially grateful to our many young volunteers and interns who have taken initiative and shown passion towards assisting the many disadvantaged populations that we serve. Our youth have all shown tremendous commitment towards helping the millions of children who are less fortunate than themselves. Many of them have been acting as child sponsors for many months now and have expressed how such a small amount can amount to such a profound impact in the lives of impoverished children. Some of our youth interns have even had the chance to visit their own sponsored children and DCI affiliated schools in Bangladesh and recalled how grateful these children were for their contributions.

DCI would not be where it is today, without the tireless work of our many youthful humanitarians, and I express sincere thanks to them all, knowing that they are inspirations to future generations who would like to make a positive impact on the world. If you would like to, or know someone who is interested in volunteering or interning with DCI please find the “Take Action” section of our website and look for “Volunteer” to get started!


Ehsan Hoque, MBBS, Ph.D.
Founder and Honorary Executive Director,
Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI)

Dr. Ehsan Hoque

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