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December, 2020

Celebrating Human Rights Day 2020

Photo Credit: UN Publications

Today, on December 10th, 2020, we celebrate the 72nd annual Human Rights Day. This day commemorates the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948. This historic event was a major milestone in the fight for equal rights …

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World AIDS Day 2020

Photo Credit: NIAID

Even today, about 36 million adults and 1.8 million children around the world are still suffering from AIDS. Millions of people around the world are still waiting to get HIV treatment and nearly 1.7 million people in 2019 were infected with HIV, as they were not able …

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Dr. Ehsan Hoque

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"Children come into the world with hope in their hearts and fire in their eyes. Everyday I work hard to help more children keep that fire burning and that hope alight."

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